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Music & leisure on the French west coast.
Known as Studio du Manoir from 1980 to 2010, the studio was famous for recording acts such as Siouxsie & the Banshees, EMF, Etienne Daho and many others who have shaped the soul of this now renowned studio. Today the beautiful Manoir de Léon has been restored to continue this great legacy.
Come and see for yourself.

Recording & mixing



What producers say...


Samy Osta

“The Manoir de Léon is first and foremost an extraordinarly personalized welcome,…


… by a team who’s main concern is your well-being right from the start.

The place is wonderful, a great big ancient house nestled in the lush Landes Forest with the at it’s core a studio equipped with incredible acoustics. Adapted for the richest  and warmest sounds. I believe I managed to capture drums like had never been able to before. And that spacious control room is worthy of the best 1970s’ studios with top notch sound engineers who master this grand production tool offered to us and that guide you throughout your choices by their experience of this magical studio.”

– Samy Osta


Pierrick Devin

“In this place all the conditions to produce the ideal recording are met…


…From the comfort of the accommodation and the fluidity of work offered by the studio, I can only praise this inspiring place to any producer or sound engineer. The control room designed by Malcurt as well as the live booths sound extremely good. It is hard to not be satisfied with the sound when you are assisted by such great assistants and have such a collection of quality microphones to choose from  and to top it off the Neve console and the A827 Studer… In other words, only good stuff! Huge thanks to Karine for giving a second life to this mythical place and  making it thus possible for the new generation to make records there.”

-Pierrick Devin


Arnaud Bascuñana

“From one record to the next, the difference is the story and the legend we build around it…


…To be able to settle into a studio, live in it, eat  and sleep in it, has always been a unique and enriching experience that greatly contributes to the musicality of a project. Who has never heard of Miraval, Hérouville or Real World. These mythical creative places where numerous international celebrities such as David Bowie, Elton John, Pink Floyd, AC/DC and T-Rex sought shelter in to create their best records. As a producer and engineer, to find yourself in one of those studios with a band, allows you to focus on what is the essence of an album: the music itself. The Manoir de Léon is one of those places where it is all the essence comes together, where you can live, work, create and get inspired.” – Arnaud Bascuñana

The studio

  • Music room – 100m2
  • 5 m under ceiling
  • Control room – 50m2
  • 3 booths
  • Acoustic design by Christian Malcurt
  • 24 h/24… The building in which the studio is located was designed and built for this very purpose and use. The acoustic design by Christian Malcurt was integrated in the structural works (specific treatment of the screed, ventilation, clearance…) All practical aspects are taken into consideration in order to allow sessions to run smoothly (outdoor access, large doors, sheltered loading dock). The walls and roofing are perfectly soundproof which allow recording at all times of the day… or night.



NEVE 8128 44 inputs


Avid Pro Tools 12 HD (updated)
Avid 192 I/O (x4) 32 in / 56 out
Mac Pro hexacore
3,5ghz -32Gb ram -ssd256Gb


Studer A827
Otari MTR 12 2 Track 1/4″ Machine


ATC ARM 5 ways custom mains (x2) Yamaha NS-10 (x2)
Genelec 1031A (x2)

MIC Pre-Amps

1 x MP2 MK2 MP5
Avalon 737


Amek 9098i
BSS DPR 402 stereo comp deeseur
DBX 903 (x2)
Aphex compellor stereo
2 x Urei 1176 blackface
Al.SO Hellax
Anthony DeMaria Labs CL 1500 Stereo Valve Compressor
Chandler LTD-2 (x2)
Drawmer DS201 Dual Noise Gate
Empirical Labs EL-8X Distressor with “British Mode” Option (x2)
Universal Audio 2176LM Compressor


Lexicon 480L
Sony Dps-R7
Yamaha REV1 Digital Reverb


Eventide H3000 SE Ultra-Harmonizer
Publison DHM89
Sony DSP-D7 Digital Delay (x2)


Summit Audio TD100
Avalon U5 DI Preamp (x2)
SCV (x2)
Countryman Type 10 Active DI
Radial J48 (x2)
K Sound (2)


Hear back Hub pro 16
Hear back Pro 16 (x7)
AKG K701 (x2)
Audio Technica ATH-M50 (x2)
Beyerdynamic DT770 (x1)
Beyerdynamic DT770 pro (x3)
Sennheiser HD25 (x2)
Sony MDR 7506 (x4)


Fender Rhodes Mark I
Fender Rhodes bass
Korg CX3
Fender Twin Reverb
Snare : Sonor Signature HLD 593
drums : Custom 77 Mapple


AKG C 414 XLS (x1)
AKG C 451 E / CK5 (x2)
Audix D4 (x2)
Audix D6
Beyerdynamic M 88
Coles 4038 (x2- paired)
CR3A VTL (x2)
Electrovoice RE 20
MXL 990 (x2)
NS10 Boomer Subkick
Neumann SM 69
Neumann U47 Short Body Nuvistor (tube)
Neumann U 67 ORTF special series.
Tube Neumann U89i
Oktava MK-012 (x2)
Oktava MK 101 (x2)
PZM (x2)
Royer R 121
Sanken CU-44X
Sennheiser MD 441 (x3)
Sennheiser MD421 (x3)
Shure SM57 (x4)
Studer SK1 501

The residential

Le Manoir & la longère

Located at the heart of the Landes forest, 10 minutes away from the beaches, between Biarritz and Bordeaux, the Manoir de Léon with its 1.5ha park and 3 independent buildings, can host up to 22 people in a cosy and cared for atmosphere.


9 bedrooms (3 twins – 6 singles)
8 bathrooms
2 dining room with fireplace
2 fully equipped kitchens

Possibility of additional accommodation near.


25 min from DAX TGV train station
50 min from BIARRITZ domestic airport
1 h 20 from BORDEAUX international airport
30 min from Hossegor
15 min from beach

Catering & Services

We can provide full-board or the occasional lunch, dinner or picnic basket. Our in-house chef will be sure to please every palette and taste catering to your dietary requirements. Car rental, ground transfers, private chauffeur, dry cleaning….

What to do...

On resort : Swimming pool, pétanque, table tennis, pool table, basketball hoop

In the area : ocean beach, lake, horse riding, kart racing, surf, paddle, cycle paths, golf

The Team

Karine Boeklage

CIO – studio manager

Guillaume Delor-Aprile

Sound engineer / Assistant

Thibault Laisney

Sound engineer / Assistant

Elodie et Jean Vignier

Top chef

Studio maintenance by par Audio & Tech – Olivier Bolling / Gil Martini

Le Manoir de Léon
5037, route de Laguens
40550 Léon

+ 33(0) 9 53 32 34 67

+ 33(0) 6 25 39 71 13